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As I near the end of my pregnancy I want to make some confessions that may make other people feel better about their “mothering” skills at the end of their pregnancy.

10 Confessions of a Pregnant Homeschooling Mom:

  1. My children might literally watch TV all day long.
  2. My homeschooling methods consist of telling them what to do and making them go away…and not checking in on them very much.
  3. I seem to YELL a lot more lately.
  4. I walk around the house naked most of the time. (Lucky I have four girls and a baby boy).
  5. Attempts at sex…are SOOOO not sexy. God bless my husband.
  6. If you ask me if we are having more, I may cry and then rage because I don’t know the answer and I SOOO wish I did.
  7. I see the dirtiness of my house. I feel major guilt, but guilt is usurped by Facebook.
  8. Pinterest and my boxed fan are my BFFs…put them together and I’m in heaven.
  9. I make my bigger children check on the little ones to make sure they aren’t dead…because I am too lazy to get off my Kindle.
  10. My spiritual life consists of me skimming one Bible chapter and saying a two-lined prayer that I wouldn’t kill anyone today.

Don’t you feel better about yourself?

Good. Glad I could help.

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