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Whether you have two kids or ten, there are benefits to each type of family.

Having a large family creates an environment that increases the likelihood of experiencing an event over and over again.

Because of this repetition, there are things that large families do really well.

This isn’t a post to say that smaller families aren’t capable of doing these things well, so don’t read it as such.

10 Things that Supersized Families Do Best


With so many people in the mix, laughter (and crying) is bound to happen…a lot.

In my house, there aren’t many places you can go privately, so farting and other funny bodily noises usually get heard.

Silly things get said by younger ones and become household monikers. Like at my house, we don’t say “sit next to me” but rather say “sit bynext to me” – a term coined by our second oldest when she was a toddler combing “sit next to me” and “sit beside me.”

Stories and jokes get told (and retold).

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There’s not a day that goes by that laughter isn’t at the forefront.


Sharing a big family is a must.

There just is not much choice.

With so much practice, children often become the first to share their toys or prizes in and outside of the home.

My daughter recently won a prize at a Valentine’s Day Party for our homeschool group, she immediately offered a piece to each person in attendance. Which is something, I was told, had never occurred in all five years of the program’s annual celebration of that holiday.

Yay big families and sharing! (And a pat on my back as well, right?)


Do you need someone to play a game of Apples to Apple with you?

Go ask a sibling.

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Isn;t your sister already playing?

Jump on the Trampoline?

Just make an announcement, someone is bound to come!

Siblings are built-in playmates. If one doesn’t want to, there is another just around the corner.


I don’t care if it’s food or clothing if it’s not being used chances are someone wants it.

There is very little waste in our house (except when the toddler gets ahold of the toilet paper).

My children wear hand-me-downs…and hand-me-downs-again until they cannot be publically displayed without embarrassment or questioning my parenting skills.

Leftovers are almost always eaten by someone.

Boxes get made into toys,

Recycling is just a given part of a big family’s way of life.


One word: food.

If you’ve ever been around a toddler when you walk in holding food, you’ll know that children are natural vultures.

They will circle you until you offer up a bite.

Big families know how to eat. They know how to cook for a large group.

Nothing will be spared.


Because of the age ranges of people in a large family, children have to learn how to socialize with everyone…and often.

My children don’t have any qualms walking up and talking to an adult (in my presence, of course).

We support this socialization by allowing them the freedom to talk, it’s a rare event (but does happen) for the children to be excluded from a conversation. We believe they add value to our dialogues.

They are also used to being around other children, so in many cases, my children are the first to go up to a lone child on the playground and invite them to play!

Support Each Other

If someone needs a shoulder to cry on, having a big family gives them many to choose from.

Our motto is: “Many Hands Makes Work Light” so big projects get lots of support (sometimes too much).

And you’ll never have to yell too long or loud if you’ve run out of toilet paper.

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In fact, you might even get some poop-support-company.

It’s just big family life…at least in our house.


If you want a party done right, just invite a big family over.

It’s like InstaParty.

Because big families know they don’t have to go alone, they won’t be embarrassed to get out on the dance floor (and if they are, by taking a toddler out no one will think it’s actually them that wants to be out there anyhow).

Need some clean up help?

My family doesn’t just celebrate with you, they will stick around even after the lights come up!

Understand Boundaries

Despite the lack of space in our house, everyone knows (or is learning) that boundaries is a THING.

Sharing is optional, not mandatory for certain toys and areas.

And with a large family, we have to instill that sometimes we all need privacy and space…especially as the different genders get older.

Boundaries are established on purpose AND by accident because everyone has their “thing” they don’t want touched or seen.

On the flip side, boundaries aren’t kept if they aren’t kept consistently. So, we have to really work on not letting things slide if a line gets crossed. And withs so many people, that takes diligence.


More children equals more love. Period.

There is not a cap on how much love parents are capable of.

I’m constantly amazed at the beauty of my large family. I still peek in at night to watch my seven kids sleeping (even though I’ve been with them all day long). I bask in the fact they are breathing and dreaming and becoming who God created them to be.

Having more children can be stressful, but my love always overpowers the chaos.

What Does Your Family Do Best?

Is something missing from this list?

What does your family do best?

Leave your answer in the comments below!

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