This mom of seven got rid of everything after baby #6. Check out what she bought in preparation for baby'll save you money, time and space!
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As a mom of seven kids…

…I don’t have extra time, space or money to waste.

Seriously. We are currently paying for braces. The last thing I want to spend money on is a $300 stroller that I’ll only use for 6 months.

But after the last baby, we got rid of everything baby….and I mean EVERYTHING!

So, when we decided to have another baby (read our baby-having story here) we had to start over from scratch when it comes to baby stuff.

Here are the things that I’ve decided to purchase.

10 Things a Mom of Seven Kids Buys Before the Baby Comes

1. Baby Bottle Adapter Turns Water Bottles into Baby Bottles

I exclusively breastfeed all my babies until at least six months (usually a year…or until I get pregnant again).

But we live in Texas and it gets hot…like sometimes 116 degrees hot.

This amazing little baby bottle adapter allows you to restore lost electrolytes to babies when you need to.

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Toss it in your purse. You won’t be sorry.

If you have toddlers, these adapters might be a better fit!

2. Portable High Chair

We loved our Ikea high chair, but after baby #6…it died a sad three-legged death.

My toddler cried as the garbage man took her chair away.

For baby #7 I wanted a high chair that was portable because, let’s face it…restaurant high chairs SUCK, going to eat friend’s house is harder without a place to set your table-food baby and most high-chairs at home are just so bulky.

This one, shown above, is soft, foldable and has a handle.

I also love this one (we had one like this, but this one has better reviews) that attaches to the table BUT some tables make this one impossible to use.

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3. Porta-Crib / Pack-N-Play / Playard

I’ve grown tired of large cribs. For our fifth and sixth children, we’ve used our pack-n-play as a crib.

We do a lot of co-sleeping anyhow using this Snugglenest infant co-sleeper so the larger crib isn’t even used during the nighttime much.

By purchasing a pack-n-play mattress, this has been a portable and smaller infant sleeping arrangement for our large family.

4. Baby Carrier

My sister loves her Ergo, but I just couldn’t shell out the money for it.

This carrier is less bulky and just as useful.

It can be worn backpack-style and front-facing.

The added benefit (that the Ergo doesn’t have, from the ones I’ve borrowed from my sister) is that it DOES have the pocket to slide baby into if that makes you more comfortable. You don’t have to use it, but it’s there nonetheless.

At a fraction of the price, it’s a great addition to our family who loves camping/hiking (and shopping trips to Target).

5. Pacifier Holder

While I don’t love the idea of pacifiers because that means eventually I’ll have to break the habit, I do use pacifiers if my babies will take them.

These pacifier hold-in-place things are great for newborns who can’t reinsert their own!

When it comes to thumb-suckers and pacifiers, I can say with certainty that nixing a pacy is WAY easier than stopping kids from thumb-sucking!

6. Swaddle WrapSack

I cannot live without these swaddling wrapsacks.

Of course, you can do the swaddle thing with blankets, but the velcro on these sleepsacks are ingenious.

Newborns are so flingy which causes them to startle themselves awake (no bueno).

These sleepslacks reduce those newborn reflexes and keeps baby asleep.

7. Pampers Swaddlers

When it comes to baby diapers, I love Costco’s Kirkland brand best…except for newborns.

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Pampers Swaddlers are so soft for those precious tiny things.

Remember to fold down the tops of the diaper if they still have their umbilical cord nub.

I probably use Swaddlers until they reach size 2 diapers…then it’s Costco all the way, baby!

8. Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding can be stressful enough without having to struggle with a normal bra.

This 5-pack is highly rated, inexpensive and comes in a variety of useful colors for those rare moments when you actually wear a shirt during the first months of baby.

They are comfortable enough to sleep in, but since they have a little padding in the front you can wear them out without “nipping.”

9. Lansinoh

I might buy a small pack of nursing pads, but I never skimp on having Lansinoah on hand for cracked nipples during those first few weeks of nursing.

My sister, a childbirth educator at Open Arms Childbirth Education, swears that a good latch is essential in reducing cracked nipples, but even after seven babies, I’ve apparently never mastered the art!

This cream is my go-to for allievating those post-breastfeeding woes!

10. Prenatals

Just because I’ve had a baby, doesn’t mean I stop taking my prenatals.

In fact, I would argue that vitamins are JUST AS IMPORTANT post-baby as they are pre and during pregnancy!

My milk supply plummets if I don’t:

  • take prenatals
  • drink water
  • eat enough

I used to take Twin Lab Prenatals (which I loved) but after researching the MFTHR gene mutation (leading to breast cancer) associated with man-made folic acid (instead of folate), we switched to Thorne Research’s Prenatal vitamins.

Put it on your Amazon Subscribe and Save so you won’t ever run out!

Of course, you can take the prenatals from your doctor, but I’ve found that I feel 10x better during and after pregnancy with these higher quality vitamins.

This mom of seven got rid of everything after baby #6. Check out what she bought in preparation for baby'll save you money, time and space!This mom of seven got rid of everything after baby #6. Check out what she bought in preparation for baby'll save you money, time and space!

This mom of seven got rid of everything after baby #6. Check out what she bought in preparation for baby'll save you money, time and space!

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