How to Homeschool During Pregnancy When You Have a Supersized Family

Pregnancy and homeschooling aren't words that go hand-in-hand. Here's some advice from veteran homeschooling mom of seven children.
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Master Chore List for Supersized Families

Remembering all the chores around the house is difficult, here is a downloadable list so supersized families don't forget all things that can/need to be done.
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Homeschooling with a Supersized Family

Balancing your homeschool routine among children, chores and time constraints is a constant juggling act. Here are some tips for homeschooling with a large family.
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What’s One More?

Our Supersized Family

Family of (almost) 9 share their tips for living life the supersized way.
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SuperSized Family - Support for families with more kids than hands.

Too Many Kids? Too Many Chores? Too Little Time? Me, too.

How to Get Things Done with A Supersized Family ebook and Worksheet

Download this ebook and worksheet that's saved my sanity!

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