What is the Right Family Planning Method for Your Supersized Family

I am not going to tell you what you should do, but I'll tell you about our story and how we've used different methods and their failure or success rates.
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The Top 20 Cutest ways to Announce You’re Pregnant…Again

When you pregnant with your first baby, baby announcements are fun, but they can still be just as fun when you are on your fifth or tenth baby.
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When Your Husband Is Not Ready For Another Baby

It's because of finances. It's because of a potential job change. It's because there is already enough stress. There are many reasons your husband might now be ready for another baby.
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10 Things that Supersized Families Do Best

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a large family, but here are 10 things that supersized families do best.
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Top Vehicles for Supersized Families

There are less than a handful of vehicles with eight seats; the Honda Odysessy, Toyatoa Seinna and the Suburban being the top choices for most families. When you figure cost of gas per mileage and vehicle longevity, the list gets small...real fast.
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Must Read Books for Supersized Families

I've found a few books that have rocked my large family world. Here is my favorite books that I think all supersized families should read.
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Homeschooling with a Supersized Family

Balancing your homeschool routine among children, chores and time constraints is a constant juggling act. Here are some tips for homeschooling with a large family.
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How to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids When You Have a Supersized Family

Meaningful "mommy dates" with our kids don't have to be elaborate or even a long time commitment, it can be done in the 30-minutes before bed or when you are out on errands.
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Why Do People Have Supersized Families?

The Duggars have put supersized families on the map. Their reason for having a large family isn't the only reason people continue having children.
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15 Myths About Supersized Families

People who have supersized families know the scrutiny that large families face, but here are some truths to displace the myths about them.
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What’s One More?

Our Supersized Family

Family of (almost) 9 share their tips for living life the supersized way.
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