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Looking for the hottest wooden toys for your toddler or baby?

Wooden toys are nothing new, but parents everywhere are beginning to catch on to the latest toy trend. Toys made out of wood have so many benefits over their plastic counterparts, including:

  • durability
  • classic look
  • eco-friendly
  • tactile, weighted
  • encourage imagination

There is something wonderful about wooden toys that plastic toys just don’t possess. They are timeless.

Finding the perfect wooden toy for your toddler isn’t hard (they play with practically anything) but it’s important to take into consideration the age of the child…especially if small pieces are involved.

If you have an older child, may we suggest this wooden toy for tweens and teens.

Here are a few of our favorite wooden toys.

For the Budding Photographer

This wooden camera has a short strap for hanging around your toddlers neck (so be watchful) and it comes in a variety of colors.

Unlike other camera, there is no digital “clicking” sound, it’s all up to the imagination of the child to emulate real life photo taking sessions.

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For Daddy’s Little Helper

Often our little ones want to “help” daddy or mommy when they fix something around the house.

Rather than give them the real-deal, let them play pretend with this fun wooden toolbox. It’s filled with common tools and latches closed when they are all done!

For the Busy-Body

Need something to keep little hands still during church?

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This is an excellent (and more durable) solution to those cardboard sewing cards.

And a lot cuter too!

For the Car Lover

The Amish have been making wooden toys for years, this tactile wood 18-wheeler is Amish-made and built to last all the car crashes and logging your child can give it.

This little wood car gets a driver! Little hands will love taking this montessori-style figure in and out. A great make-believe toy!

Melissa & Doug always seem to have the best wooden toys. They are colorful and imaginative. Your child can remove the trailer and put on their very own monster truck rally and then haul the cars back to the junkyard!

For Chew MacChewerson

Let’s face it, toddlers still love to stick things in their mouths. Give them something that you know won’t be full of chemicals with this wooden chew toys and rattles.

For the Builder

I love these classic wood builders. The sky is the limit. Our children STILL play with them, WAY past the toddler age!

Barbie and Ken get new wood beds and HotWheels get fabulous bridges and thru-ways with these suckers.

For the Outdoor Lover

Our front yard gets a great breeze, while our backyard does not. I always love the idea of putting a swing out in my front yard for those hot summer days that I want to be outside, but I need some fresh air. Unfortunatley, many tree swings look garish, but this woodend swing would make a great addition to any setting.

This cute mushroom screw is a great exercise for little hands needing more coordination!

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For the Magnet Lover

I think kids (and adults) are attracted to magnets for some reason. (Ha, ha…see what I did there).

These wooden toys don’t just have the benefit of being wood, the magnets inside these will have your children mesmerized.

Great for car rides!

For Mini-Me

This is honestly my favorite…because I adore coffee with all my heart.

Inspire your little barista to serve up a cup for you AND her with this fun wooden coffee machine!

For the Runner

We just recieved one of these with the addition of our latest little one.

Initially, I thought I’ll just put this away for when he gets a little bigger, but guess what?

Off, off and away went this toy with my almost 4-year-old daughter! She thought it was the best thing and was running the circle of downstairs for the better part of an hour!

For the Montessori Lover

Before we started homeschooling, we send our oldest to a Montessori school.

We were so inspired by all the wooden toys we bought some (or made them).

This geometric sorter will encourage counting, color recognition, and fine motor skills.


For the Music Maker

Music draws children out of their shell. Making it OR hearing it!

This sweet collection of wooden musical instruments will have all your children, young and old, singing and dancing in no time.

Might I recommend a pair of THESE for the parents.

Oldies But Goodies

These sorters and stackers have been around forever, but they are essential wooden toys for your toddler collection.

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