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How to Get All the Things Done

It’s easy to do what’s urgent…it’s hard to focus on what’s important.

Homeschooling kids, cleaning house and helping your husband out the door for work are daily things that need to get done.

They are urgent. Necessary.

But what about your BIG goals for your family?

Like making sure your children grow up to be best friends (instead of worst enemies!).

Or staying in love with your husband.

How are you making time to ensure those things get accomplished.

Many times, as big family managers, we forget to do what’s important because it’s not urgent.

Your lifelong dream to see your family flourish in certain ways don’t have jam-hands itching to touch your newly steam-cleaned sofa.

They don’t scream, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

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They are quiet. They wait patiently.

But if you stop and reassess your big family lifestyle, they will stay tucked away and undone.

I believe it’s possible for you to get all the urgent things done AND work toward the important goals you have for your family.

But it takes focus and energy.

But I don’t have energy, you say…

I want to tell you the truth…because I’ve learned it the hard way.

It takes A LOT more energy to live life by the urgent needs than to be purposeful about what you choose to do and not do.

It’s why I created the “Getting Stuff Done” worksheet.

This simple technique of 10 daily goals to get those BIGGER DREAMS for yourself and your family accomplished.

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