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My family LOVES The Hunger Games series. So much that we dressed in costume to see the premier of the Mockingjay. Check out my blog “Why My Family Dressed Up to See The Hunger Games (and why we’ll do it again.)

But one of our absolute favorite pastimes is playing what we dubbed, “The Hunger Game Nerf Wars.” It has the basic concept of the game is the same as the movie. We clear out our living room, move damageable objects or things we can slip on. You could play outdoors, too.

How to Play Hunger Game Nerf Wars:

1) Get some Nerf guns.

Avoid disc ones…they hurt. (Click images to view on*)

2) Invest in LOTS of Nerf bullets

Especially if you have a biter…you know the kids that bite off the tips of the bullets.

3) Get “shields” and “grenades”

We use couch pillows and Nerf soft footballs. We also put shoulder bags and other items that are useful for carrying items or defending ourselves. We also allow “health packs” to revive fallen Tributes (especially since the littlest ones cry if they are “out” of the game too long!)

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4) Put everything in the center of “battlefield” in the “cornucopia”

Take your guns, ammo, shields and grenades and lump them in a pile.

5) Everyone gets equal distances away from “cornucopia”

Since we do ours indoors, equal distance is relative.

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6) Someone calls “start”

Parents are the best at preventing false starts.

7) Everyone runs to grab all the items they can before taking cover.

This is probably the most difficult and most exciting part of the entire game.

8) Form alliances.

You can be Katniss and Rue or you can just…

9) “Kill” everyone that you can

In the end, only ONE can be declared the victor!

10) Winner is the last Tribute standing.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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