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As a mom of seven, I hardly get time to brush my teeth, let alone read.

But when I saw the description for Take Back Your Time by Morgan Tyree I was like WOAH. Hold up. I need to stop and make time to read this. 

But how does one make time to read when one has NO TIME to read!? Well…there is a truth I’ve learned and it’s this: We MAKE time for those things we think are important.

My life had gotten majorly unmanageable. The house was a wreck (not to mention my spiritual life), my kids were on devices for way too many hours a day and I was exhausted with all the pressure mounting around my ears. Sound familiar?

Take Back Your Time helps you focus on a few areas that immediately “clicked” for me including:

  • Figuring out when I was most productive
  • Figuring out what was actually necessary
  • Understanding (and accepting) my life season (aka homeschooling 7 kids)
  • Setting goals I could actually accomplish

In order I realized:

I am NOT a morning person. I’m a night owl.

I don’t have to blog all the time to make money.

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My house WILL probably be less “Pinterest-y” today than it will be in 10 years when I don’t have toddlers dumping every single toy out of the boxes!

I spent so much of my days hustling only to fall into bed feeling like a total loser because I didn’t get everything done. And I had to realize that NO ONE on God’s green earth would be able to do all the things I thought I had to do.

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Take Back Your Time guides you through PRACTICAL (not just theory, ya’ll) steps…with fill-in-the-blank charts (I’m in love) to clear mental, emotional and physical clutter.

I discovered that I have to find my PURPOSE in every single season of life. And let me tell you THAT WAS BIG. Because I guess I thought that my purpose when I was 20 and single (sharing the gospel) still was my purpose today. And to some extent, it is…but it’s be overruled with a even narrower new purpose of raising the next generation of Jesus-Loving kiddos and equipping them to share the gospel! One day, my gospel sharing will extend outside my four walls, but I can’t begrudge my gospel-sharing within these four walls!

So what can YOU start doing if your story sounds like mine?

How to Stop Being Overwhelmed with Disorganization for Your Large Family

Read Take Back Your Time by Morgan Tyree

This is a practical step-by-step guide to figuring out the inner workings of YOUR brain (and life). It’s the essential step to organization that sticks

Pray the LORD leads you to the organization that works for YOUR family

Every family is different. Systems come and go, but the ones the LORD leads you to will end up working long-term

Get Rid of Excess

Clutter bogs you down. Especially too many toys. Start to purge now!

Ask for Outside Perspective

Call a friend and ask where she thinks you get stuck and overwhelm. Ask for accountability and prayer. Work on that area.

Set Boundaries

Many times I get overwhelmed because I don’t know how to say “no” or take breaks. Rest is good. Take some.

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Last Words

As a large family mom, we all can get overwhelmed with disorganization and chaos. The hardest thing for me is to admit that a program that was ONCE working, doesn’t jive anymore. Our lives are like onions, every layer reveals new concepts, new problems and new solutions. Just becuase we USED to be organized doesn’t mean we are organized today. The work toward organization is a never ending process we will be fighting until Jesus comes.



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