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Supersized families don’t just have to worry about saving money for a vacation, they also have to figure out what locations will accommodate¬†a very large family.

Many hotels have a person-per-room limit of 4.

If you have more than just a couple kids, this can get expensive. Not to mention your family will have to split up mom/dad between rooms so there is proper supervision.

But going on a vacation doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Here are some vacations we’ve enjoyed as a very large family.

Large Family Vacation Ideas


Camping is a great way to pack a lot of people for cheap. Sometimes campgrounds limit the number of people per campsite, but often there are combined camping areas that you can rent out for fairly cheap.

We usually opt for the water-only campsites since they are cheaper and we don’t have an RV. But even if you purchase a water/electric package, it’s super affordable.

Great Wolf Lodge

We’ve visited Great Wolf Lodge a number of times. Many of their rooms are meant for large groups, with occupancies of 6+.

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Actually, everything at Great Wolf Lodge is geared toward families.

We love their indoor waterpark during the wintertime. They have water features for every age.


Renting an RV (rather than purchasing one) is an easy way to travel with a large family without the restrictions of a hotel.

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Set yourself up at a local KOA or state park upon arrival at each city you visit.

Beach House

Every summer my in-laws rent a beach house where there is a large occupancy limit.

You can find amazing deals on Airbnb.

Being on the beach is instant (and cheap) fun.

Relative’s House

Though I know there are relatives that would be totally put out with a super large family visit, there are many that aren’t.

Take advantage of a relative in another state or city by staying a few days (making sure you leave it cleaner than when you came).

It’s an awesome way to get to know your extended family better and develop lifelong friendship between cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

What’s Your Favorite Large Family Vacation?

Have you taken a trip with your large family you’d love to tell us about?

We read every. single. comment. And love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

Share your large family tips, stories and vacation ideas below in the comments section!

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