Other Blogs

Looking for something else? Well…as a human, I have many different aspects of my life, and they don’t all fit into one blog niche. Rather than confusing everyone I decided to create separate blogs for each of my passion. Here they are in no particular order.

Supersized Family

In February 2018, I created a new blog called Supersized Family. It focuses on my big family life (I have seven kids) and how I manage it all.

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Jesus Blogger

If you are here looking for blogging stuff, as of January 2019, I’ve split up my first blog, Radical Christian Woman, into another blog that focuses on blogging as a Christian.

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Fairytale Marriage

I had a lot of interest in my marriage pieces about why a married woman shouldn’t have male friends, since they weren’t specifically Christian I decided to create an entirely new blog for marriages that might need help.

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Radical Christian Woman

I still have my first blog called Radical Christian Woman (formerly Super Rad Christian Writer Chick) which houses all things “radical” like head covering, end times, and Christian modesty.

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