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Are you overwhelmed by the demands around you each morning?

Do you find yourself stressed even before your day begins (…and before you’ve had coffee)?

Me too.

You are not alone.

I know what all the “experts” say: Get up at 4 am.

Don’t you hate that advice?

That’s advice for people who didn’t go to sleep at 2am because they were cleaning the house, spending time with a husband who works late, or binge-watching Netflix because the house is FINALLY quiet enough to have time alone!

Also, advice that works for smaller families doesn’t always apply to supersized families.

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So, what’s a large family manager to do?

The one piece of advice for big families that will always work is this:


…even if you don’t execute it perfectly.

You’ve often heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

It’s true.

While it is more difficult to plan for all the circumstances and hiccups of large family living, it’s not impossible. And shouldn’t be overlooked.

You can’t make plans that aren’t flexible, but even a little bit of planning will provide you with a more peaceful household.

And that’s really what we are after right? Peace?

Macro NOT Micro

You don’t have to make plans down to the minute…that probably won’t work anyway.

Start planning in bite-sized chunks. Think MACRO before you think MICRO!

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Think: First, I’ll take a shower. Then, I’ll make breakfast…

Instead of: 8:00-8:15 Shower, 8:15-8:30 Get Ready, 8:30-9:00 Breakfast.

Which is why I stand by the free PDF I sent you before with it’s 10 daily goals focused on all the important areas of life.

It focuses on MACRO goals and planning.

The Three “Thinks” of Planning

When you start planning, follow these super-duper easy tips.

1) Think Real

If your husband doesn’t come home until 11pm and you like to sleep in…that’s okay…just plan for it.

2) Think Small

That whole “throw everything out” and start fresh idea…it’s just going to blow up in your face. Permanent change happens with baby steps.

3) Think Positive

Did you fall off the bandwagon one day? It’s not the end of the world. Just jump back on the moment you recognize your misstep.
Your Morning Routine Matters

So, tomorrow morning when you wake up and the demands keep coming, what is your plan? How will you respond?

Don’t let the kids or LIFE decide what you will do.

The first step is to PLAN your first steps.

Will you make breakfast?

Will you take a shower?

Will you breastfeed the baby?

Will you do a quiet time?

After you decide the first thing you’ll do in the morning, do it.

Protect your plan.

Start just with those one or two steps.

It’s easier to protect one or two steps at first than an entire planned day.

Once you master planning those first steps and protecting those first steps, then start planning steps three and four.

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Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Creating a Routine: Not a Straight Path

Remember your journey to a more peaceful morning isn’t a direct path. It’s a wavy one.

And it’s YOUR path…

…not your sister’s

…or your best friend’s

…or even the one that you “imagine” those people on Pinterest having.

PLAN on having setbacks.

As you “eat the elephant” of morning overwhelm by making small steps toward planning a better day, you’ll soon find that peace you’ve been seeking!

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