How to Get Your Supersized Family to Stop Fighting

While there is no sure-fire way to ensure a long-lasting sibling relationship, being intentional will help prepare a foundation for sweet fellowship between your children...even if their friendship ebbs and flows at any given moment.
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Tips for Doing Volunteer Work with Your Supersized Family

A photojournalistic day in the life of serving when I had five kiddos. We serve at a local nursing home once a month...and believe me that is often enough for my family.
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Carving Harvest Pumpkins with Your Supersized Family

Don't you hate when you say, "Let's carve a pumpkin!" The kids are excited, but by the end you are the only one scooping out entrails and wielding knives? I wanted to find a kid-friendly pumpkin carving method that my kids could actually accomplish (nearly alone).
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Writing Books & Blogs as a Supersized Mom

How do I write when I have to raise a family AND homeschool AND clean AND attend to my marriage (ladies, you know what I mean) AND exercise? And, and, and, and, right?
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Balancing Life & Work as a SuperSized Mom

Have you ever wondered how to balance your business with the rest of your life? Whether you go into an office everyday or you work with a toddler in your life, maintaining a balanced life as a mom is a challenging task.
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My Supersized Family Blogging Schedule

Working at home with all the other chores moms are responsible for is sheer insanity. My WAHM life is not pretty. It's not perfect. And some days I wonder if it's even worth it. Here are some truths of my real life blogging schedule with a large family.
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What’s One More?

Our Supersized Family

Family of (almost) 9 share their tips for living life the supersized way.
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