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As a Texan, my large family loves Tex-Mex. We use any season as an excuse for loading up on this quick and easy Tejas Taco Queso. 

Superbowl Sunday or Easter, there’s never a wrong time for queso in Texas!


With so many little children I can’t make anything too spicy (apparently I haven’t raised them right) so this recipe s a go-to alongside some good ole’ H-E-B Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips!

If you want to increase the spice you can up the amount of cayenne pepper.

If you don’t have velveeta (or not enough) I sometimes substitute sliced cheese to supplement.

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Little ones can make this in the microwave (just make sure they take it out every minute and give it a good stir).

 Cut the cheese into small cubes.  Next add milk and cheese to saucepan over medium heat.  Add cayenne and taco seasoning.  Stir in both cans of chili.  Melt over medium heat.   Voila!

Or Yee-Haw if you are from Texas!

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