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Once we hit six kids, the typical minivan with seven seats just didn’t cut it.

My husband literally rode on the floorboard (shh…don’t tell the cops) when we made our once-a-week trip to church 3 miles away. That’s the only time we rode together as a family. Riding on the floor of a moving vehicle isn’t really the lesson I want my children to learn.

We bought a “big church van” with bench seats and 170k miles for $3k. Two months later, someone hit me head-on. I wasn’t too happy because finding a large family vehicle for under $5k is near impossible.

The Lord brought us another nicer “big church van” with 14 captain’s chairs! I’m in love. Seriously, it’s so much nicer. Everyone has their own reading light and pocket on the seat in front of them for books/junk. It was $8k and had 150k miles on it.

I joke that it was twice as much money, but twice as nice!

Yes, having a big family and finding an affordable vehicle with low miles is not an easy task. I wouldn’t call 150k miles low miles, but we just couldn’t afford one with fewer miles. #BigFamilySacrifices

Don’t Trust the Internet When Searching for Large Family Vehicles

There are less than a handful of vehicles with eight seats: the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna and the Suburban being the top choices for most families.

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When you figure cost of gas per mileage and vehicle longevity, the list gets small…real fast.

Without going to look at vehicles, it’s really hard to figure out if the internet isn’t lying when it says a certain vehicle actually has enough seats for your family. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up “large family vehicles” and been shown vehicles with fewer seats than my minivan! 

Dear Internet: That’s NOT what I was looking for! Why do you lie?

Okay…rant over.

Vehicles for Families with More Than 8 Kids

And what if you want more kids?

If you thought the picking for vehicles for a family of eight was slim, just wait until you try to find a vehicle for a family of nine or more!

Most families are forced into what most people call the “church van,” the Ford E-series. But since that particular line has been discontinued since 2014 (I know…*tear) very large families are forced to look elsewhere for a durable passenger van.

Disclaimer: Those “big white church vans” have a high rollover rate. Watch this YouTube video on how to reduce rollovers in these large vans.

Top 20 Vehicles for Supersized Families

The top 6 vehicles on this list are legit supersized family vehicles, the others might list they can seat more than 8 or more passengers, but good luck finding those configurations!

  1. Chevrolet Express (Seats 12-15)
  2. GMC Savana (Seats 12-15)
  3. Ford Transit Wagon (Seats 15) – see YouTube video of a large family review
  4. Ford E350 (Seats 12-15) (used, because it’s been retired since 2014)
  5. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Seats 12)
  6. Nissan NV Passenger (Seat 12) – see YouTube video for seat configuration
  7. GMC Yukon (Seats 9)
  8. Chevrolet Suburban 1500 (Seats 9)
  9. Chevrolet Tahoe (Seats 9)
  10. Ford Excursion (Seats 9)
  11. Ford Expedition (Seats 9)
  12. Cadillac Escalade (Seats 8)
  13. Lexus GX 470 (Seats 8)
  14. Lincoln Navigator (Seats 8)
  15. Nissan Armada (Seats 8)
  16. Toyota Land Cruiser (Seats 8)
  17. Toyota Sequoia (Seats 8)
  18. Toyota Sienna (Seats 8)
  19. Honda Odyssey (Seats 8)
  20. Mercedes Metris (Seats 8)
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Do You Have a High Capacity Seating Vehicles?

Is your high capacity vehicle on this list?

If not, please comment and tell us about it!

If so, please comment and tell us what you love/hate about your vehicle!

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