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Large families seem to be growing…not just within themselves, but in general.

More and more people are considering “just two kids” not enough.

Families with four, five, six or more are popping out everywhere (pun intended!).

So what’s the story?

Why are so many families deciding to have more and more kids?

Why Do People Have Large Families?

While there is not ONE reason why people have large families, here is a rundown on ideas.

Backlash Against “The Perfect” Family

One boy. One girl. In that order. Equals the “perfect family” unit.

Or at least that’s the basic idea for most of the 80s and 90s.

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Many of those born in those two decades are the ones touting the “big family” line.

Maybe they wished they had another sister or brother.

Who knows.

But trends tend to ebb and flow.

The Perfect Family. Long live the perfect family!

Backlash Against Hormonal Contraception

In our ultra-aware eco-friendly non-GMO society, many people are starting to wonder if hormonal contraceptives are healthy.

We’ve all seen the medical commercials and their long list of warnings.

For a while, we might have ignored the potential side effects, but with lawsuit after lawsuit coming out against “the ring” and others, perhaps many people are starting to opt for non-hormonal methods.

Whether they are turning to natural family planning or another method, people may or may not be completely educated on preventing a pregnancy with those methods — as our society has mostly relied on them for most of the 80s, 90s, 2000s and so on.

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The big family boom may be in part due to people relearning non-hormonal preventive measures

Embracing Nature

Dovetailing the last point, it might be that many health-conscious people have decided that “their bodies know best” or “nature is best” includes childbirth.

It would make sense that if people have returned to breastfeeding, local farms without pesticides and whole foods nutrition, that they would also return to allowing the body to do what it wants to do with regards to family planning.

No longer “forced” to embrace nature, as before contraceptive was widely available and distributed, people may be returning to nature as a matter of choice

There’s More Time

Moms and dads have never been able to work from home like they can now…well, except when that’s all they did (aka Little House on the Prairie Days).

As working remotely has become widely accepted (and even desired) by companies, parents might feel like they have more time to spend with their little ones; therefore, opting for more children.

Also, as our society evolves into a 24-hour global economy, working during the time children might be sleeping allows parents to spend their non-working hours doing all the activities they would otherwise have missed.

Enjoyment of Creating

There are very few people who don’t “ohhh” and “ahh” at a newborn.

It really is a magical thing to create a human.

Parents might find themselves in awe of the procreation process, causing them to do it again and again.

No one faults an artist for creating one masterpiece after another, why should creating people be any different!

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What’s One More?

Once you’ve decided to have four kids, many parents might find that adding another “steak on the barbie” isn’t that big of a deal.

In fact, they might say “the more the merrier.”

I’ve noticed that there is very little difference in stress or noise whether I have all seven of my children at home or I invite over one of our big family friend groups to play.

In fact, I would argue that having more kids creates less work because they all have playmates!

It’s Cheaper By the Dozen

The price-per-kid starts to decrease the more children you have.

You recycle old clothes and toys. If you cloth diaper, as many big families do, you’re not even spending money on those.

Add a year of exclusive breastfeeding into the mix and having another baby isn’t as expensive as the first baby was.

Dialing Down on Stuff Makes More Room for Babies

Tiny living and people living out of RVs aren’t just for those who can’t afford anything else.

It’s en vogue to be clutter-free.

Without all the clutter, parents might be finding the value in non-purchase-able items, like family.

Less stuff also means less stress and less cleaning, which is optimal for doing those things that MAKE big families!

What About You? Why Do You Have a Big Family?

These are only a few reasons people have large families.

What’s your reason for having a big family?

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